M4M modest clothing with high neckline camis...a modest tank top
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Hi, my name is Danelle Mooney, owner of Modesty4Me. Our high neck camisoles are the answer to the need for a basic wardrobe component that allows women to dress modestly. You can buy skirts, shirts and jackets most anywhere, but what do you do about the neckline? In the past, I've often worn regular camisoles and would tighten the straps so much to raise the front that it rubs under the arm. Also, you lose the layering look because the center front is pulled up distorting the shape of the garment. I've even worn some shirts backwards before. I'm so excited to share with you our high quality camisoles and hope to offer more fabric choices and new items in the future.

A little about me: I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I love fashion. I'm a pastor's wife and a boy mom.

Feel free to call M4M at 1-800-631-2116 if you need help with anything!

Thank you for your business,
Danelle Mooney