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Modesty with a flair!
Who says being modest means being frumpy?  What you wear can reflect who you are.  Break out of the box!  Modest clothing can be fun and attractive. My high neckline camis, modest dresses and  tops can help you achieve your own special look.
I designed the  style ideas shown below on www.Polyvore.com.  The best news is that it is a totally free site for fashion divas.  When you are on their site, just click any item to see where it came from and how much it is. Too cool.
Have fun; create your own styles.  Many of the items I have chosen are from Modesty4me; others are from places like Old Navy, Nordstoms and DSW Shoes.  No more wondering where she got that cute jackets or those "to die for" boots.
Choose from thousands of garments, shoes, accessories, backgrounds and brands to create your own look.  You can even select a price range. under  It's like being a fashion editor at a fancy magazine, and it is much more fun than playing solitare on your computer.